Easy Freelance Job Ideas For Beginners

8 Easy Freelance Job Ideas For Beginners That Pay Well

If you’re a beginner looking to earn some extra cash on the side, why not try your hand at freelancing? Freelancing can be rewarding, fun, and you don’t have to spend forever trying to figure out what kind of freelance job ideas will work best for you—we’ve already done that for you! Here are 8 easy freelance job ideas for beginners that pay well.

8 Freelance Job Ideas For Beginners

1) Virtual Assistant Job

A virtual assistant is someone who can help you with administrative and organizational tasks from a remote location. This includes writing, data entry, coordinating appointments, ordering office supplies and so on. Virtual assistants are often hired on a contract basis to make it easier for businesses to get work done when they don’t have an in-house admin staff. This is an easy job for beginners looking to break into freelancing because you can either run your own business or be hired by a number of different companies without needing a lot of experience or capital. To find jobs as a virtual assistant, simply search virtual assistant jobs in your desired location or niche and apply to those that interest you.

2) Web Designer Job

Web designers design websites for computers, tablets and mobile devices. This is a broad field with a variety of skills needed to do well. In addition to graphic design and web programming, you’ll need marketing, management and organizational skills. To start freelancing as a web designer, you’ll need to know how to use HTML5, CSS3 (and their various versions), Bootstrap and JavaScript programming languages. You’ll also need knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) practices so your clients’ sites will be found on search engines like Google or Bing.

3) Transcriptionist

If you’re looking for freelance work as a transcriptionist, check out Speech pad. Speech pad is an easy-to-use transcription platform that pairs up remote transcribers with businesses and individuals who need their audio files transcribed. When it comes to starting a career as a transcriptionist, there aren’t many easier options than going through Speech pad. And, hey—they pay well! Here are two more companies that hire beginners: Rev and Speed Scriber.

4) Data Entry Job

Getting data entry jobs is easy if you’re good at copying and pasting information, taking pictures, or typing. These jobs pay very little ($5/hr or less), but they can add up to a significant amount of money over time. However, most of these companies have deadlines and you won’t be paid for your work until after you’ve earned their minimum requirements. It may take a few months before you earn enough to make it worth your while, but once that happens, it’s easy money! If you want to learn more about data entry jobs online and where to find them, then check out our Data Entry Jobs post here .

5) Reviewer

A quick and easy freelance job idea for beginners is to sign up with online jobs like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Reviewer jobs are an easy way to make money if you want to work from home and don’t want to spend your days doing menial tasks at a call center. The website will post interesting jobs like, watch a 15 second YouTube video about potato chips, or search for photos of trees in Michigan that have been colorized. After completing these microtasks, you’ll get paid anywhere from 20 cents to $10. Sure, it may not sound like much—but if you can do five of these every hour, which isn’t hard considering most of them only take 5-15 minutes, you can easily earn $100-$200 per day doing online work.

6) Copywriter job

Copywriting is a freelance job that may or may not require you to write. While it can be difficult to find companies that offer such jobs, it’s a great way to get started in freelancing because there are plenty of agencies and small businesses who need help with marketing materials. You don’t necessarily need to have experience in copywriting either; for an agency, writing isn’t necessarily your main focus, but will be used as part of your skill set. A little bit of design knowledge will come in handy too. 

7) Digital Marketing Assistant

If you’re an avid blogger, writer, or photographer with a background in marketing, digital marketing may be a great field for you to get into. Many businesses are seeking specialists who can help establish and maintain their online presence through various digital platforms. Working as a freelance digital marketer is ideal for those who enjoy being creative and having flexibility in when and where they work. If you are already creating content for your own business or personal website, consider offering your services to others as well. This will not only generate additional income but also increase traffic to your site by creating new backlinks from high-ranking websites.

8) Researcher

Do you have a passion for research? Do you like doing something useful with your skills and expertise? Are you comfortable spending hours on end poring over books, articles, webpages and documents of all sorts in search of useful information? If so, then researching is an easy freelance job idea for beginners that could be perfect for you. It’s not glamorous but it certainly is interesting. You may be able to make money by becoming a researcher as well – freelance jobs are never bad! Maybe it will inspire you to develop further skills or improve your current ones. 


If you’re looking for freelance job ideas, there are plenty of ways to find them. Start by taking a look at all of your options—you might be surprised just how many you have! One of these possibilities is a great starting point: online freelance work. While it won’t always be easy, finding work online opens up new opportunities that can help you earn money working from home. What’s more, many of these jobs allow you to set your own hours and take on as much or as little work as you want. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking out some other options and getting started right away!

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