How to Earn Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

With the number of people now using Pinterest, it’s no wonder that many are looking to make money from this online social network and photo-sharing platform. While there are plenty of ways to make money on Pinterest, not all of them require that you have your own website or even that you have your own Pinterest account, which can be difficult to come by without considerable help from your existing network.

Here are five ways to make money on Pinterest without having your own blog or having built up an audience yet.

Ways to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Post Infographics

If you are confident in your infographic-making abilities, you can also market your work by getting it posted on popular sites that have related traffic. The more popular these sites are, and the better your infographic is, the more money you’ll earn.

Sites like InfoBarrel and are great for smaller infographics with less detail; other good sites include eHow Infographics and List25. Be sure to check out their rules and guidelines before publishing your work (these rules vary from site to site). You can also sell your infographics at Shutterstock—they don’t pay as well as InfoBarrel or but you don’t have to go through an approval process either!

Advertise Services

If you’re not blogging, your best bet for monetizing your Pinterest is using promoted pins. How does it work? When someone clicks your promoted pin, they will be taken to an external website (not Pinterest), says Elisabeth DeMarse, director of emerging platforms at Kenshoo Social.

If they make a purchase or sign up for something using that link, you get paid. You have to have a business account in order to advertise with promoted pins and there are tiers of pricing depending on how many followers you have and how often you want your pins promoted.

Promote Affiliate Products Earn Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Promoting affiliate products can be one of your best sources of income. It’s easy, reliable and anyone can do it. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ads when you’re only trying to make a few hundred or even a few thousand.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can promote affiliate products online. And once you start making money with them, they will grow your business into something huge! The sky is really the limit here! So let’s get started.

Here are three ways to get started:

1) Share affiliate links in relevant groups. This is how I got my first sale ever. I was looking for some new Facebook groups that would fit my niche and came across a group called Business Ideas. Perfect! I shared an affiliate link for ClickFunnels (which is what I use for all my websites). A member of that group bought ClickFunnels that day because he needed it for his own business idea.

He then told me about another group called Entrepreneurship, which I joined and started sharing more affiliate products. That’s how you get your first sale – just keep trying different groups until you find one where people are interested in buying things related to your niche. It’s not rocket science, but it does take time if you’re starting from scratch like I did.

2) Find out who your top competitors are and share their content with your audience using an affiliate link at the end of each post. This is a great way to get some quick sales, especially if you’re promoting a high-ticket item. Just make sure you only promote products that are relevant to your niche or it will hurt your credibility (and possibly get you banned from groups).

It’s also important that you only promote products that would be useful for people in your niche – otherwise, why would they buy it? For example, if I was promoting weight loss products, I wouldn’t promote something like How To Lose Weight Fast because most people looking for weight loss tips already know how to lose weight fast. They want something specific like How To Lose Belly Fat In 3 Days. So find out what they want, then give it to them!


If you create visual content and have an audience, try asking brands if they would like to pay you in exchange for product mentions or shout-outs. I started by reaching out to nail polish companies, makeup companies, fragrances—really anything I could use or that someone in my network might like—and asking if they’d be interested in sending me products, says Jillian Sullivan of The College Prepster.

Due to their large following and highly engaged community, she adds that she quickly started getting responses back from brands. If your audience skews more mommy-blog than fashionista (though mom bloggers can totally work it too), It Works!

Build an Email List And Make Money on Pinterest

While blogging has its perks, it’s actually pretty difficult to make money from it. Of course, you can get advertisers on your site and earn from that, but building an email list of subscribers is a way for you to make money without relying solely on ads.

And when you’re trying to start making money online in any capacity, building an email list should be one of your top priorities. It allows people who are already interested in what you have to say (because they signed up for it) even more opportunities for engagement with your brand! They can sign up through various services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor and use either plain text or HTML emails – depending on how fancy they want their newsletters to be.

Start Selling Craft Kits

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have an excellent idea for you—start selling craft kits. If you have any crafting skills at all (or know someone who does), you can create DIY kits that are quick and easy to assemble and then sell them for profit.

You can start small with one kit, or offer multiple options for people to buy or even wholesale if you want to get in on a big holiday trend. Take it from us: It’s a super simple way of making money!

Promote Local Businesses Online

If you’re interested in making money on Pinterest without blogging, consider setting up shop as a pinner. For example, sign up for Fivver and Craigslist and create an account where you can pin images of local businesses online.

Many online freelancers have set up pages like these so that people in their communities can request services or products through them. Start with free sites like these, and work your way up to more advanced micro-earning sites such as Etsy or TaskRabbit.


At first, social media may not seem like a direct channel for making money. In fact, when you look at how people use social media and see images of celebrities flaunting their riches and others using it as their main means of communication, you might be tempted to believe that if your purpose is to make money online, you shouldn’t invest time in building an audience or getting followers.

But that’s just not true. As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ways for social media users with strong followings (celebrities or otherwise) to earn money from those communities—and more importantly; there are ways for regular users of social media who want nothing more than fame or fortune (or both) can achieve these goals too.

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