online side hustles 2022

Online Side Hustles to Make Money 2022

The internet can be an excellent place to find side hustles, especially if you look at websites like Reddit where business ideas come up often. But it can be difficult to sort through the myriad of potential side hustles to find the best ones that are truly worth your time and effort. To make this easier, we’ve rounded up our top 9 favorite online side hustles make money 2022. that you can do using your computer or phone in the comfort of your own home to help you earn extra money without taking on too much risk or getting into too much debt.

Online Side Hustles 2022

1) YouTube

YouTube is a popular platform for those looking to work from home. Video bloggers (Vloggers) often use YouTube as a platform to connect with their audience. If you have expert skills in a certain area, you can become an online tutor using website like TutorVista or Varsity Tutors. To search for these types of jobs you can create a profile on sites like FreeRice or VolunteerMatch and then contact schools about potential opportunities.

2) Podcasting

If you want to try your hand at podcasting, start small. Choose a topic that interests you, research it, and record yourself speaking about it. Listen to your recording—is it something you’d listen to? Is there anything you’d do differently next time? If so, go back and edit! Podcasting has seen tremendous growth in recent years thanks to apps like Anchor and growth in mobile devices with built-in microphones.

3) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to test out a business idea and still make money. If you’re interested in starting your own ecommerce store, consider dropshipping—it can be easier and less risky than trying to sell products made from scratch. Just find someone who sells products that are good matches for your customer base and sign up for their platform. You can then purchase items at wholesale prices and list them for sale on your website. When customers buy these items, you simply ship them directly from the supplier to your customer without worrying about holding any inventory yourself! Dropshipping is great because it allows you to scale up or down whenever you want.

Best Online Side Hustles 2022

1) Affiliate Marketing Best Online Side Hustles

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by their marketing efforts. Businesses benefit from affiliate marketing because it is an affordable way to drive sales and leads, while affiliates benefit because they receive a commission on every sale they refer. Overall, affiliate marketing can be beneficial for both businesses and affiliates if businesses know how to do it properly and affiliates use tactics that translate well on social media and are relevant to popular interests. Examine successful affiliate marketers and study their techniques. For example, you might focus on influencers who specialize in product reviews—they frequently have large followings, high engagement rates, and most importantly, lots of conversion power: people who see their recommendations regularly purchase those products.

2) Freelancing Online Side Hustles

Freelancing isn’t only a great way to earn extra cash—it’s also a great way to beef up your professional profile. And with most companies looking for candidates with significant experience, freelancing can help you get there. Freelance work will make it easier to find a full-time job that actually fits into your schedule and is worth more than pocket change. These days, even certain platforms like Glassdoor take applicants’ freelance experience into account in their hiring decisions. Freelancing is also one of those gateway drugs for entrepreneurship: Once you start gigging for cash on sites like Upwork or Fiverr, you might just be inspired to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur.

3) Kindle Publishing

One of today’s most profitable and popular ways to earn money is through Kindle publishing. You can write eBooks, self-publish them on Amazon, and then sell them on your own website or through platforms like eBay. The opportunities are endless and you can make an incredible amount of money if you know what you’re doing. One of our top posts in 2018 was a detailed guide to starting a Kindle business with nothing but a product idea. If that sounds interesting to you, read more here .

4) Data Entry

There are plenty of sites that will pay you to do data entry. They aren’t going to make you rich but can be a good way to bring in some extra cash. For example, companies like UserTesting will actually hire you as a tester and pay you between $10-20 per test, which typically only takes 20 minutes. UserTesting is one of our personal favorites because they often send us deals for testing specific apps or products and if we’re interested in it, we can sign up right then and there (and get paid)! If you’re looking for more information on working online or starting your own business check out Getting Rich Click.

5) Virtual Assistant Jobs

You could even use your skills as a virtual assistant to help you launch a freelance career. According to FlexJobs, starting your own freelance business was one of the top 10 trends in work today, with nearly 15 percent of people looking to start their own businesses. Freelance writing and editing jobs were among some of fastest growing gigs last year, according to Upwork. If you’re already good at administrative tasks and are interested in online writing and editing jobs that allow you to work remotely, freelancing could be right for you.

6) Become a TaskRabbit Worker

Being a worker on TaskRabbit means you’ll have access to jobs that are vetted, so you know they’re going to be legitimate. The platform offers an easy way to find jobs nearby, and many of them have flexible hours that fit your schedule. Plus, being a TaskRabbit is a great way to meet new people and get involved in your community—you can even donate earnings to charity if you want! Best of all? You can make up to $30/hour as a TaskRabbit! To learn more about what it’s like to be a TaskRabbit worker, check out our guide here.


Here you have some best side hustles Reddit you should read in order to succeed in your business. From our list above, you can find 10 best ideas on how to make extra money by doing something else, besides your main job. The best part is that they all are effective and they are proven ways of making money. So don’t waste any more time, pick one and apply it today!

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